We loved our whole experience with Dennis! From the moment I reached out about pricing and availability to our last lesson, we loved every moment of it. Dance lessons were a perfect chance for us to relax and reconnect on a weekly basis. We'll be recommending you to everyone! Alec

Dennis was amazing! My husband and I felt totally at ease and welcome! It was a collaborative experience that was challenging (by our design) and so much fun! He didn't give us anything we couldn't do - with practice! I would highly recommend Dennis!

Dennis was great to work with - he made the experience very comfortable and I feel like we're much better dancers! My husband and I still practice our dance moves around the house.

Dennis was a great dance teacher and coach. He took us from not knowing ANY moves, to an entire dance where we felt confident and relaxed on the dance floor. The process of learning to dance was also fun and exciting to do. My wife wasn't sure about doing dance lessons, but she was so thrilled and happy with the end result. Tessa

My husband was the one who honestly wanted to take the lessons and thankfully we got the ball rolling on this one as we were in pitiful shape. Dennis helped us learn easy steps and a few fun turns and more funky steps. Would recommend for anyone even just considering it! Tiffany

My better half and I had discussed taking dance lessons. He is such a goofball but let’s be honest, he did not know how to dance. I had danced when I was younger but never formal ballroom dancing. We were provided more than enough information on pricing and packages to make our decision. We worked with Dennis once a week. It does not seem like much looking back but we went from out of step, irregular paced goofing around to a stunning waltz. We weren’t nervous or scared and we flowed through our routines like we were naturals. Even to this day we want to go back and take other types of dance lessons with him. All of the work and time Dennis put in with us paid off tenfold and we are eternally grateful! Nina

Our instructor, Dennis, was nothing short of phenomenal. He is so fun, patient, kind and made this a great experience for both of us. If we can do this, anyone can do this. So worth every penny and every minute of our time. Thank you Dennis! Jenni

You can tell Dennis is an exceptional dancer and he has great patience with people (like us) who have no experience or coordination to speak of. The pricing was reasonable and I was also appreciative of how easy it was to schedule an appointment and Dennis was flexible with us on schedule changes. Thank you Dennis! Jordan & Jonathan

We had a great time learning our dance! Dennis made sure it was easy enough for first timers to learn while still being fun and interesting! Great location and pricing too. Adelaide & Philip

We had fun doing the lessons, practicing in our shoes, and getting comfortable with some basic moves. Dennis was patient and flexible with us; we got to do lessons after work or on weekends when needed. Would recommend to any couple looking to have a little fun on the dance floor! Lia

Dennis was a great dance instructor and my husband and I had a blast taking lessons! We drove 2 hours each way to meet with Dennis, and it was totally worth it. We loved everything we learned and were so glad we decided to do it. Thanks for everything Dennis! Emily & Tayson

Dennis is the best! 6 weeks of his instruction and you'd have thought we were professionals. We loved his style of giving feedback, making suggestions and adjusting if we struggled with a move. You can't go wrong with Dennis! Cassidy

Dennis was such a great dance coach! I can see why he got great reviews! We are not dancers, but he taught us a few simple steps and some fun turns. He also took video of us at each session so we could easily practice. We loved him! If you're considering him please do use him - he's fun, easy to work with, and gets what you want -- you won't be disappointed! Stefanie

Wonderful teacher, wonderful experience! My husband and I took private dance lessons with Dennis. Neither of us have any dance experience. Dennis was a wonderful teacher and a great listener. He asked us what our vision was for our dancing, and helped make it a reality. We truly enjoyed our lessons and all of the practice that we did in between, it was a great way for my husband and I to connect and spend quality time together. I would highly recommend taking lessons with Dennis if you get a chance! Thanks Dennis! Whitney

We can't say enough great things about our experience with Dennis! I was a little worried about getting my hubby to agree to lessons, but after our very first lesson he loved it and we purchased an additional one outside our package just for fun. Dennis is not only insanely technically skilled himself, but an amazing teacher/instructor. We enjoyed ourselves so much we plan to continue taking lessons in different dance styles!

Dennis was incredible to work with. I am a goofy & clumsy guy and my wife is a classically trained dancer. Dennis made me feel comfortable and helped us create a dance that had a perfect combination of simple & repeatable motions with some advanced moves to highlight the better dancer of the two of us (my wife).

We would recommend Dennis to anyone and everyone to teach you a few moves that can keep you going at any event. Gus and Dana

We can tell that Dennis has a passion for dancing and would recommend him to all our friends and family. Whether you just want to learn the basics or be more ambitious, Dennis is wonderful to work with! Steph and Jun

I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with Dennis. We began this adventure having little to no dance experience, and I think we were all a little nervous about how it would all turn out. We had so much fun and so many laughs spending some quality time and practicing the dances, so for those memories alone it was all worth it. If you are thinking of getting lessons, please see Dennis! Jackie and Nick

Dennis was an incredible dance teacher. I was a complete beginner, but my wife had experience and a lot of talent. Dennis taught both of us perfectly. He created a relaxed atmosphere where we could laugh, as well as a structured atmosphere where we could learn. My wife and I still dance how he taught us. I highly recommend taking dance classes, and I highly recommend taking them with Dennis. Katie and Molly

We loved working with Dennis! He explained dance moves very well and worked with us to make sure we got it right before moving on to the next step. I think he really cares about making this the best experience he possibly can for couples, and it really shows in the lessons. I would absolutely recommend getting dance lessons here, it will grow your confidence. Thank you so much Dennis! Joey and Kaitlyn

My husband and I took dance lessons with Dennis and we were very happy with the process and results. Dennis was very easy-going, he listened to what we wanted and he offered great guidance and suggestions. The dance lessons were a fun thing for us to do together. Thanks Dennis! Kelsey

Dennis was great to work with! He had us comfortable and having fun dancing together...we also really liked going to the dance lessons and learning new steps! Definitely recommend him for dance lessons :)

Quite frankly we were impressed with what Dennis taught us in just the first lesson and would have been happy there! He added several moves each time. It was a great time together. Cannot recommend highly enough! Tara

I have 10 years of dance history - even went to college for it. My man on the other hand truly can't dance. Dennis did an amazing job. It was so much fun!!! I would recommend Dennis to everyone out there- spend the money and make some memories people!! Jessica and Craig

We had the pleasure of meeting with Dennis to have him give us some insight on how to dance with each other, as neither of us have much experience slow dancing. The lessons themselves went great. Dennis is very patient, laid back and helpful. It was a great way for us to bond and relax as well! My husband wasn't fond of the idea at first but once we got there he really let loose and enjoyed the sessions!

Dennis was absolutely fantastic. He tailored the routine so that we could continue to add moves as we became more confident, but never moving to fast. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to take their dancing to the next level! Jordan & Emma

Wonderful instructor! We were so nervous for our first lesson but there was no need to be. Dennis immediately made us feel comfortable (we are both very shy) and at ease. If he can teach us to dance, he can teach anyone. Learning to dance was so much fun - we actually want to continue our dance lessons into the future just for fun. Leigh

Dennis was professional and always prepared for our session. He was totally receptive to our ideas and changing things based on our comfort level or vision. We really enjoyed meeting with him every week. He left ample time for us to practice our moves at the end of every class so that we could practice them right at home and even videotaped at the end so we could watch it during the week and make sure we got it right! We highly recommend this -- it is so fun to bond as a couple! Emily

Dennis is amazing! We were both looking forward to the dance lessons as a fun hobby and learning experience together. We had a blast. Dennis made my fiance feel at ease and comfortable and appreciated the slow learning style that Dennis accommodated for us. We had a great time learning to dance together! If you are not a great dancer or need to boost the confidence of you or your partner, definitely consider this! Thanks!!! Anna

“Working with Dennis was easy and fun. He is a very talented dancer and choreographer but also listens to what you are interested in doing, the vibe you would like, and will incorporate moves you suggest. The video recordings really helped us when we practiced at home.” Ali and Paul Schwabe

Dennis was an incredible instructor! He was patient and encouraging and his talent for making us all feel at ease was a total pleasure. Our confidence level was high and within the first hour he had us moving gracefully across the dance floor. Mike and Sharon

"Dennis is top notch! Really cannot say enough good things about him. He's pleasant, prompt and very professional. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn. He's extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of dance. Hire Dennis." Kenny & Rachel